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OEM/ODM/PB Production

JUNGHWA CO., LTD having credibility with many buyers through manufacturing system. OEM / ODM manufacturing system for global product development, R & D personnel and excellent production technology, the best quality, reasonable price, timely supply, sale and distribution companies can help to maximize the company's competitiveness in the market one of the best muffler specialized company.

We have the factory system which gets the experience for production, collaboration with global brands and creative know-how and social and ethical norm. So we can satisfy various buyer's requests and provide global designs.

OEM->Customer request->Business consulting->Contract->Design development Sample making->Material warehousing->Production->Deliver

OEM->Customer request->Business consulting->Confirm about product concept and selling strategy->Design development Sample making->Material warehousing->Production->Deliver

[ PB (PRIVATE BRAND) Production ]

JUNGHWA CO., LTD produces PB product as well as OEM, ODM.
PB is the abbreviation for 'Private Brand', which is made according to customer's tendency to own brand product.
In the nineties, PB products was booming in the major supermarkets but after IMF, it was depressed.
From the noughties, the PB products has flourished again because of a business recovery.
Currently, super market ,such as e-mart, HOMEPLUS, LOTTE MART etc, have released over 10,000 products, convenience stores such as CU, seven eleven etc, have released new PB products.

PB Production Pros

Big retailers as a large distributor can reduce the cost because they minimize the distribution network and make mass production by doing from plan to selling directly, make a differentiation strategy by understanding spending pattern, mainly cooperate with small and medium business for win-win . Maked PB products by department stores or big retailers are from fashion to food, beverage and chandlery in in various category.

[ Collaboration ]

Always welcome creative design which surpass the ordinary.
It is not only to cooperate with companies but also to share and do more effective marketing by creative ideas.
The idea and the dream that you can not make alone
We will do with you

타겟 및 마케팅기획->콜라보레이션 진행->디자인개발 및 샘플제작->원,부자재입고->생산->납품

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