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경영이념 : 고객은 만족을 넘어 감동을, 사원은<br/>
보람과 성취감을, 지역사회에는 공헌을…

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“Impression for customers, achievement by employees, contribution for local resident" under the management slogan , we, JUNGHWA CO., LTD has tried to make good products. We have automation equipment system for entire scarf manufacturing process in Korea. The quality and technique are in the best level in the world as well as in Korea. Consequently we are selling the our products to famous global company. Now our goal is fashion company which can make good place. We are already working on various community activities such as 3R and employees' welfare etc. We will try to keep diverse activities for community.

JUNGHWA CO., LTD will keep challenging continuously

JUNGHWA CO., LTD’s President Lee Sun-Gu