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[Corporate Social Contribution]

Corporate social contribution is one of a good stepping stone. in the beginning, we have concentrated on the ability for corporate social responsibility .
We realized that the social contribution is the most important element in business and has tried to be customer's best loved-company continuously.

Community Chest 사랑의열매

Korean Red Cross 대한적십자

정화실업 대한적십자 사회공헌 파트너십 협약식체결사진

JUNGHWA CO., LTD has signed a social contribution agreement on Feb 2013 with the Red Cross for Hope Sharing.

To make better world, JUNGHWA and red cross made a promise to do several things such as volunteering, donation culture, Blood Donation and the protection of life, emergency aid.
In the name of the company, we participate in humanity activities with red cross and will work Together to light up the darkness in the world.


Supporting Orphanage 신애보육원 지원

JUNGHWA CO., LTD has supported regularly orphanage a way of sharing love for community resident and will be a good stepping stone to give dream and hope for underprivileged and lonely children JUNGHWA‘s hope is "world for children"

정화실업 보육원 지원 사회공헌 사진

Voluntary Activity

정화실업 직원 봉사활동 사진
We do volunteer work to serve free meal, visit orphanage and do various voluntary activities through a gathering at work.
Till now it is not be systematized, but we will try to make a better community through the regular and systematic activities.